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Natural Burlap/Jute - $1.35/mtr

40 to 50 meter rolls, available in 4" width to 60" width

If you are purchasing burlap for a rustic wedding, please inquire about our 5% blog discount

Burlap Rolls

100% natural burlap
10 oz weight-medium
Strong and durable
Burlap Uses include crafts, construction, gardening, ground cover, races, grass cover, acoustic panels.
40" Wide Burlap (40 to 50 meter rolls) - $1.35/meter
60" Wide Burlap (32 to 34 meter rolls) - $2.20/meter
72" Wide Burlap (30 meter rolls) - $2.50/meter

Burlap Fabric (narrow) for Runners and place mats
2" Wide Burlap (100 Yard Roll) - $0.19/yard
4" Wide Burlap (100 Yard Roll) - $0.22/yard

8" Wide Burlap (100 Yard Roll) - $0.37/yard
12" Wide Burlap (100 Yard Roll) - $0.45/yard
14" Wide Burlap (100 Yard Roll) - $0.55/yard

16" Wide Burlap (100 Yard Roll) - $0.60/yard
18" Wide Burlap (100 Yard Roll) - $0.65/yard
20" Wide Burlap (100 Yard Roll) - $0.70/yard
custom cuts and other widths available

Burlap pillow / Cushion shells (wholesale)
16"x16"  4.10/ea  18"x18" 4.60/ea  20"x20" 6.90 ea

 finished products include
Burlap Table Runners, burlap place mats, burlap napkins,  aisle runners  burlap tablecloth, burlap bags, burlap sashes  made for our wedding decorator trade on site, here in Canada.

Burlap Bags bundles of 10.
sizes available from 3"x5" @ 0.38   to 18"x24"  @ 1.80ea

To Order :

Call: (877) 733-4438
Call: (416) 781-3555
email: office@nusso.com
narrow width burlap cuts some of the burlap products for rustic weddings that we sell
Currently offering free burlap cuttings with orders of 100.00 and more see video above Burlap Curtains and Burlap Drapes 10 per case
60" x 36"- $11.00/ea. case price
60" x 63"   $13.00/ea.      "      "
60" x 72"   $14.00/ea.      "      "
60" x 84"   $16.00/ea.      "      "
60" x 96"    $22.00/ea.      "      "
60" x 108"  $26.00/ea.      "      "
60" x 120"  $29.00/ea.      "      "
Handcrafted, Made in Canada burlap curtain  Each panel comes with 2 free burlap ties. The burlap curtain has a 3" rod pocket at the top.The edges are serged, with matching coloured thread, to provide a simple, yet elegant look.
Dry Clean only
Burlap e-commerce site for customers
in the USA: http://BurlapFabric.com
Burlap Table Cloths For Rustic Weddings
Decorative Burlap Pillows, made in Canada. Spice up your cottage or living room, with these totally unique, Canadian made pillows. The uneven, rough yet elegant look of the burlap look absolutely  Sizes 16x16   18x18  and 20x20 inches-- other sizes available

Burlap Samples
ph 416-781-3555  fx 416-781-3555  office@nusso.com
We will mail you burlap samples for $5.00 fully refundable with your first order ( over $50.00)

Each envelope will contain
1) one finished , sewn (serged )all sided to show how we finish the burlap runners , Burlap table cloths and burlap curtains
2)1 swatch unfinished edges to show the weave  and colour 
Please email us your address etc (Canada Only) and we will arrange sample envelope

Picture of both swatches together

Burlap sample finished edge- please note we always use matching coloured threads 

burlap sample unfinished edges